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Get rid of ugly alt text on images with this quick trick

One of my favorite little email tricks I’ve learned in the past year is that you can style alt text of images. This is particularly handy for logos or images that contain styled information that you want to remain consistent with your brand.

For example, our email newsletter has our logo at the top:

Full color logo illustrating image display in email.

In some email clients, like Outlook, images often aren’t rendered “to protect your privacy.” Having default alt text is ugly! With in-line CSS added to the img tag, you can easily create a more on-brand situation:

Logo image depicting alt text with styles added to image tag.

I simply added our brand color for pink, the brand font family, and capitalized to give a similar feel to the logo that always appears in all caps. If you’re using a builder, such as Litmus, you can easily toggle the images on and off to quickly see the effect.

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How to quickly take email screenshots in Pardot

This might seem like a total “duh” post, but I’m going to come out and say I had a major “duh” facepalm regarding email screenshots – so that means there are others like me!

I was frustrated by the inability to quickly take a screenshot from the email preview pop-up in Pardot. This seems like a major negative of the platform, considering most customers almost certainly need to provide full-length images for approval to their managers or teams.

I’d take a screenshot of half, or sometimes quarters (!), and paste them together in Photoshop to save as one full email to upload to my approvals platform. Then, if any changes are requested, the process had to be repeated. SO TIME CONSUMING.

Then it dawned on me that I could simply save the HTML in a code editor (such as Sublime or Brackets), open that file in my browser and use a full-page screenshot tool (like Fireshot or Full Page Screen Capture). Simple!

I am often hesitant to write about such simple things, but I have found when it comes to Pardot it’s really not simple to find information about how to do anything. Until recently, you’d think you’d found an answer, but once you clicked through from Google you’d be told to update your bookmarks and reference the Salesforce knowledge base. NO.

There are some solid blogs on how to accomplish more complex tasks with Pardot and manage full-scale marketing automation. Within the few years I have used Pardot, however, I have found it to be lacking in the most basic knowledge. It’s hard to get started and it’s hard to feel confident using it because I think you really need case studies vs definitions of the tools. I hope I can capture some of the basic questions I had in the past and explain them in a way that makes sense to new users, whether it’s setting up Engagement Programs, dealing with automation rules or taking simple email screenshots!